Moobs (“gynecomastia”)

“Moobs” is the colloquial term which has come to describe the deposits of excess fat which can accumulate on a man’s chest, causing a resemblance to a woman’s breasts.

The medical term for the condition is “gynecomastia”.

Man boobs or Moobs

Although large breasts in males can be due to obesity but there can be other causes.

A man can suffer from a hormonal imbalance, just like a woman and this is the most common reason for an abnormal growth of glandular breast tissue.

Other causes can be excessive alcohol consumption; the use of anabolic steroids, (or certain other drugs); liver failure, cancer (and certain other diseases); a congenital birth abnormality; or excess skin which has sagged due to significant weight loss.

Naturally, the condition can often make men feel self-conscious and feel the need to cover up, but this embarrassing condition can be treated.

Laser Lipo is the ideal treatment for this condition and on average you will require six to eight treatments.

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