The new MEDER range This new scientific range offer the best in non-evasive beauty care for radiant skin.


Introduction to Meder products

Founded by dermatology doctor, Dr Tiina Orasmae-Meder, Meder Beauty specialises in non-invasive transdermal professional treatments and highly effective premium skincare products pioneering the latest advances in biotechnological ingredients.


  • The skin under the eyes is a
    lot thinner than on theEYECARE1
    rest of the face and easily loses moisture. Meder Beauty Science has come up with two solutions eliminating the source of most common aesthetic problems in the eye area.



  • Non -injection treatment course myofor the correction of mimic wrinkles and fine lines. Non- surgical eyebrow lifting,mimic wrinkle prevention.
    Results comparable to post injection.
    No pain, No risk, No side effects
    Lasting results.



  • The Meder Beauty Science range are designed to regulate the skins structurefnn re-establishing its normal metabolism.


    There smart action taps into the skins own resources to restore and maintain its healthy function day to day.Unlike most day creams,they do not bond with dead Keratinous cells covering the face with a thick greasy film.




  • 4_AL-4This is a non-invasive anti age treatment for mature dull and tired skin. It is a stem cell technology which boosts dermal synthesis reducing wrinkles,while Epidermal Growth Factor accelerates the skin