Eyelash extensions are applied in salons by specially trained therapists where individual synthetic lashes are carefully bonded to your existing lashes.

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You can either get a full set, taking about 2 hours to apply – a false lash is applied to each of your existing lashes, around 40 to 80 of them, alternatively you can get a half-set for a more natural look.

You might wish to try party lashes which are a quicker alternative to individual lashes as they can be placed in groups.

When you arrive at the salon, the therapist will talk to you about what you want – how long the lashes should be, how thick, and even what kind of curl.

Eyelashes at application the eyes will be protected and closed, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort.  De-Rigueur uses Victorus lashes, which is the number one leading brand for ultra thick flare lashes.  Two out of every three beauty salons use Victorus lashes.


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