This condition, which is sometimes known as festoons or eye bags can make you older or more tired looking. However, our new low level laser treatment can greatly assist in making a rejuvenated and more youthful looking you.

Eyes are the first thing that people see, so addressing the signs of fatigue and age in the eye and the surrounding area is critical to looking and feeling great.

The Laser Lipo uses low intensity laser to rejuvenate the peri-orbital area reducing the appearance of eye bags, tackling discolouration, puffiness, and general skin quality around the eyes.

The treatment is completely non-invasive – the skin is not broken and there is no destruction of skin cells.

Eye Rejuvenation Using Lipo Genie at De-Rigueur.co.uk

It is a photo therapeutic re-energising process with the light passing into the dermal layers and stimulating cell renewal, lymphatic drainage, micro circulation of blood and the production of collagen.

The treatment involves application of two different lasers to points around each eye using simple probes in succession. The wavelengths selected have been demonstrated to increase and thicken collagen fibrils as well as increase fibroblasts and their biosynthetic capacity thus supporting elasticity and resisting thinning of the skin.

The therapy reduces the localised presence of extracellular fluid by stimulation of the lymphatic system and modulation of blood flow resulting in diminished puffiness.

Whether caused by lower lid shadows, excess pigmentation or vascularity made more visible by the increased transparency of ageing skin, the Laser Lipo can help diminish the appearance of dark circles beneath the eye.

As well as softening the profile, medical research shows the therapy directly diminishing hyper-pigmentation and improving micro circulation in the fine blood vessels all contributing to a lighter fresher look.

With Laser Lipo eye treatments, clients will have no swelling, no risk of long lasting discolouration from bruising, no time out to recover and no pain whatsoever.

Working at a more fundamental level than topical creams but without the side effects of more invasive treatments, low intensity lasers offer an effective option for those seeking to help their eyes reflect them at their best.

There is no set number of treatments recommended and you may be very pleasantly surprised by the results achieved after just one or two treatments of just 20 minutes.


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