Looking Good with Biotherapy Laser – How it Works

Low power laser light is absorbed by macrophage cells causing them to release chemical mediators which stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts which produce collagen. Biotherapy laser results in the production of collagen which is stronger and more orderly resulting in smoother appearance and texture of the skin. When left to nature, collagen is produced in a more random fashion, giving rise to unsightly scarring after injury.

What Are The Treatments?
After FREE 10 minute consultation:

Fine lines and wrinkles – occur as a result of wear and tear – ageing! Biotherapy laser can stimulate the production of new collagen by fibroblasts and can protect against the destructive effects of free-radicals believed to accelerate ageing. There is also improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which removes cells wastes.
Dramatic improvements are often seen after just a few treatments which cannot be reproduced by heat treatment, massage techniques, or purely topical beauty treatments.

SKIN CARE – Biotherapy laser causes mast cells to release superoxide dismutase (SOD) which neutralises the damaging effects of free radicals on cell structure and function. Free radicals are a causative factor in disease and ageing.

HERPES SIMPLEX – Biotherapy laser is the quickest and most effective means of healing embarrassing and painful cold sores, in half the time.

SCARS – Biotherapy laser can improve the colour and texture of facial and body scars so that they blend better with surrounding normal skin. Keloid scars and skin grafts can be softened and flattened.

ACNE – However severe, will clear completely. In recurring cases, due to the internal imbalances, outbursts will be less frequent and quickly cleared. At the same time scarring is controlled and kept to a minimum.

ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, DERMITITIS – Painless, effective and fast response. Requires course of treatment after initial private consultation.

ARTHRITIS – Initial pain relief, joint mobilization and re-stimulation of natural healing system to treat current problems and alleviate future progression of this painful condition.

SMOKING CESSATION – using pain free precise bio stimulation of Chinese acupuncture points resulting in complete smoking cessation with NO cravings, NO irritability, NO restlessness and NO nervousness.

Biotherapy Laser Therapy – What Is It?  

The Biotherapy laser is a therapeutic laser which is non-thermal and non-invasive.

How does it act?
Biotherapy laser acts photo-chemically with visible and non-visible infra-red light beam triggering normal cell function. Maintaining a steady state in the internal environment conductive to optimum biological functioning and regeneration.

Exclusive Paramedical Treatment Programme available only at UK laser therapies.

Proven Results
In varied medical trials worldwide, the following physiological changes have been observed and documented, using before and after treatment with biotherapy laser systems.

Improved circulation – increases blood flow to provide maximum nutrition and oxygen to tissues. Increases in the following cells involved in the repair process, have been proven to occur….

“Macro Phage” cells – large scavenger cells that digest invading organisms and cell debris.

“Fibroblast” cells – connective tissue cells that give rise to cells that are the precursors of bone, collagen and other connective tissue.

Mast cells – are released in response to injury, inflammation and allergic reaction and are involved in the repair process.

Endorphins – are naturally occurring chemicals in the brain involved in relieving or eliminating and enhancing pleasure.

Lymphocyte cells – white blood cells that produce antibodies and increase immunity and fight infection.

Prostaglandins – a hormone like fatty acid that triggers off many internal body functions.

Smoking Cessation: stop smoking programme (3 sessions);

Skin applications: eczema, psoriasis, cold sores (Herpes Simplex & Zoster), warts and verrucae, sun damaged skin, ageing tissues and all forms of acne;

Healing: pain, scarred skin, Keloid scars, tissue necrosis, burns and grafts, arthritis and migraines;

Body application: stretch marks (breast and body), cellulite (primary and secondary) and enhancement following lipolysis.

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